Offer bananie 猿樂作手作處 – 猿子的日常

「星期六,猴子去斗六」是大家從小耳熟能詳的台灣順口溜。位於斗六市雲中街的「Offer bananie 猿樂作手作處」,以推廣斗六在地文化與台灣優質香蕉為主軸,在別具日式風格的場域中研發美味與趣味兼具的猿糕丸小甜點。本次設計以「猿子的日常」為發想,與角色設計師合作將吉祥物延伸為星期一到星期十造型,並融入盒玩概念,讓消費者享受美味的同時更增添與品牌互動的趣味。

“A monkey go to Douliu at Saturday.” is a very famous doggerel in Taiwan that even 3-year-old children will know. In order to promote Douliu culture and Taiwanese banana, Offeriver Co., Ltd. produce ball-shape banana pound cakes that integrate the “Monkey doggerel”concept into product. The design extend the “Monkey doggerel” from Monday to Sunday as “New dress monkey ” , ”Hungry monkey” , ”Mountain climbing monkey”etc. Each cakes bags are printed different monkey patterns to create a fun and cute package collection. Besides, the 3-piece box will be random monkey bags inside, make costumer feel surprise during each purchase.

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    Offer bananie 猿樂作手作處

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